a bunch of misfits!! [x]


a bunch of misfits!! [x]

I drew this on a birthday card for my friend. It’s definitely not my best but I tried


That girl you just called fat? Well that’s not a girl, it’s actually a Large Body Heartless



haha i love how when kingdom hearts started it actually involved the disney stuff now its like we’re going to shoehorn a couple of disney worlds and then get onto the plot

"You deserve as much as I do to be your own person." ~ Requested by oath-keepers


"Is this the power you seek?"

One time I was playing Kingdom Hearts and my Grandma said that she thought one of the characters was a pretty girl. 

She was talking about Roxas. 

She thought Roxas was a pretty girl. 


"original characters" my ass there are 9 main characters and half of them are sora

and one third of them are Kairi